I am originally from Durham, and last year a friend of mine who still lives in the beautiful city set up a distillery and now makes the very successful Durham Gin. I am very proud to be the first seller of this magnificent tasting gin in the south of the country (below Yorkshire to be exact!)

It is a small batch craft distillery producing a few hundred bottles by hand, using traditional methods, and the highest quality ingredients. Each batch takes days to make and when it is ready it is bottled and labelled by hand, making it a really special drink which can be mixed, or drunk on its own.

The Gin is made using a secret mix of herbs and spices sourced from around the world including some traditional flavours like Juniper from Italy as well as some unusual ingredients like pink peppercorns. My friend Jon works with the Botanical Gardens at Durham University to find the perfect ingredients.

Additionally the spring water is from a natural spring near Durham City, and the alcohol used is pure grain spirit. At 40% alcohol Jon’s advice (as an ex NHS employee) is”drinking too much is bad for you, so drink less, but drink the good stuff”.

On the palette you will notice a mix of traditional Gin flavours like Orris and Angelica, with some hints of Cardamom. There are citrus notes which come from Orange and Lemon peel as well as from Coriander seeds.

A really floral and sophisticated boutique gin. Come in and try it!

A bottle of Durham Gin can be bought for £29.99