We opened our Folkestone Record Shop in the summer of 2014 – Folkestone had been without a record shop for some time!

We don’t want to be like the other shops – piled high with records categorised by genre in alphabetical order so that you go to the section where you feel comfortable. We hope you will find something different in our shop.

We have categorised the older records simply by year in the hope that you will be tempted by something different than what you imagined you might buy. As we want to bring the emotion back to owning music we think there is room in everyone’s collection for diversity, so why not try some Jazz or Reggae, or perhaps try something new you have never heard of before?

If it is a second hand record we will put it on the player for you to see if you like it!

Take the time to listen to music with friends – a whole album. Look at the artwork on the cover and take pleasure in putting it on the turntable. Sing along with the words on the inner sleeve. You know you want to!

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