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Record Cleaning Services

We have professional equipment which we use to clean all of our vintage vinyl.  Each record gets a deep clean so that it sounds as good as it possibly can. If you have a collection that you treasure which could benefit from a clean bring it in and we will make your records shiny and like new again.

The Pro-Ject VC-S MKII Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine

VCS cleaning machine

From £2.00 a record the benefits are remarkable.
We deep clean the tracks using a professional cleansing solution, the grooves are then wet vacuumed lifting out dust and dirt.
This gets rid of the fuzz you can hear if the record has ingrained dust and improves the sound quality
As a dirty record will wear your stylus quickly we recommend you fit a new stylus once your records have been cleaned to get the best from your music collection.

Please enquire here https://www.vintageandvinyl.co.uk/contact/, come into the shop or call us on 07966564258.  Bring your records in and we will return them all clean a few days later.